I decided to start a new interesting project “Art & LSP - Art & LifeStyle Photography” which will feature several photoworks of authors together with their own comments on their life and featured work. I want artists to share their view on what gets the contemporary photography going, which is beautiful in its both professional and amateur sense, is simply part of our lives and represent the moments that will make the history, moments of reality that we see and perceive as art and share with the world though photography. I believe this project will be easily accessible and simple for everyone, it will let professional and amateur photographers to reach the public and share their newest and unpublished work. I want to note that each professional photographer started out as an amateur in the beginning. That is why none of them should feel shy to publish their new work. All features and publications will be published on this blog Devid Sketchbook. You can also send works connected to art, craft, installation, illustration, etc. You can easily assess the style of blog once you have looked through it. In order to be featured in this project you should send us e-mail ( art.lsp@aol.com ) containing:

  1. Link to you website (official website, facebook page, blog, flickr or anything else that containing your other work), 
  2. 2 or 3 photoworks by you that are not yet published anywhere, 
  3. Short info about yourself and 
  4. Short comments on each photo you chose to send us.

Good luck!

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