Shenandoah - Photographer Daniel Carrillo | Source: Julie Harmsen - Photographer Daniel Carrillo | Source: Tom Skerrit - Photographer Daniel Carrillo | Source: Deborah Scott - Photographer Daniel Carrillo | Source: Miss Robin - Photographer Daniel Carrillo | Source: Drew Cluley - Photographer Daniel Carrillo | Source: Mr. Dan Webb - Photographer Daniel Carrillo | Source: Tim Marsden - Photographer Daniel Carrillo | Source: plate Deardorff daguerreotype - Photographer Daniel Carrillo | Source: self portraits - Photographer Daniel Carrillo | Source:



Daniel Arutro Carrillo Lozano (b. 1973) is a self-taught mezzotint artist and photographer. Born in Mexico and raised in California, he moved to Seattle in 1997. His work has been exhibited in Greg Kucera Gallery, SOIL Gallery, Davidson Galleries, Gallery 110, Sev Shoon, CoCA , Shenzhen, China, Some Space, Gage Academy,  Skagit Valley College, and has been included in several juried exhibitions.

He is currently photographing members of the Seattle area arts community using the wet collodion method invented in 1851 and the first viable form of photography, the daguerreotype invented in 1839 by J.L.M Daguerre.

Daniel Carrillo - I will be exhibiting at the Greg Kucera Gallery (Seattle) with my studiomate Dan Webb who makes masterful wood sculptures.   The show will feature many of the artist series ambrotypes, some daguerreotypes and even my 11 x 14 Camera will be on display.  The show opens on first Thursday September 6th from 6-8pm. I will also have an artist talk the Saturday after the opening on the 8th of September at noon. Dan Webb will be speaking first so I will probably start around 1pm.

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The daguerreotype (French: daguerréotype) was the first commercially successful photographic process. The image is a direct positive made in the camera on a silvered copper plate. The raw material for plates was called Sheffield plate, plating by fusion or cold-rolled cladding and was a standard hardware item produced by heating and rolling silver foil in contact with a copper support. The surface of a daguerreotype is like a mirror, with the image made directly on the silvered surface; it is very fragile and can be rubbed off with a finger, and the finished plate has to be angled so as to reflect some dark surface in order to view the image properly. Depending on the angle viewed, and the color of the surface reflected into it, the image can change from a positive to a negative. The very first daguerreotypes used Chevalier lenses that were “slow”, and the light sensitive material was silver iodide made by fuming the plate with iodine vapor. This meant that the exposure in the camera was too long to conveniently take portraits, and the first subjects taken were street scenes and architectural studies.

Amazing shots, awesome.

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