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Artist Johannes Mundinger ”to do be do” and  Lio Nelio   (previously)

Berlin 2012 - at Urban Spree

Artist Johannes Mundinger | via: Artist Johannes Mundinger | via: Artist Johannes Mundinger | via: Artist Johannes Mundinger | via: Artist Johannes Mundinger | via:


Germany, Berlin-based Artist Johannes Mundinger (facebook) - "Slowly I got the impression that every medium was appropriate and the most profane materials were just the right thing. They were best paired with banal themes, like in the example of Nose Picking Pictures. Was it about the avoidance of collaboration with a sublime artistic concept with a bloated theoretical superstructure? Was it simply the joy in creating in the moment without having to consider the reception in the world afterwards? Is the artist picking my nose with his index finger, in order to consume the last traces of the grey matter in my head for dessert with delight?" - Oliver Breitenstein, director Berliner Kunstverein

"Hidden in forgotten places across the City, Johannes Mundinger‘s artworks are found mainly by accident. Colourful faces, fantastic figures and wall-paintings melted totally into decaying facades, create anxiety in dark urban corners. Corresponding to Graffiti, the style of the Artist is in a constant dialogue with this form of the street art. The lyrical and painterly finesse of Mundinger‘s works remains in contradition to the roughness and inexactitude of urban art. They are unique compositions. - Petra Wessbecher, Cultural scientist 

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