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(Digital prints on canvas) Artist E.V. Day

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“CatFight”  Artist E.V. Day | via: “CatFight”  Artist E.V. Day | via: “CatFight”  Artist E.V. Day | via: “CatFight”  Artist E.V. Day | via: “CatFight”  Artist E.V. Day | via:


Two Sabertooth Tiger Skeletons

Artist E.V. Day - “What I’m especially drawn to in the image is its ambiguity: it might be comical—think of the classic cartoon image of a cat with its tail caught in an electric socket, the silhouette of its skeleton flashing on and off—or at the other extreme a primordial fight-to-the-death scene, mano a mano.

I adorned the teeth and nails of the cats with shiny silver leaf to further problematize the “fight” of the fight, and I added an audience of viewers from the animal kingdom—the rigid aluminum snake-puzzle sculptures—to enhance the sense of threat and comedy at once.

When we finally lit the sculpture I was thrilled to see how the reflections of light in the monofilaments suspending and binding the bones radiated the force of motion out to the edges of the room. I like to create spaces a viewer can experience as an image, but also have the opportunity to walk into and inhabit. In CatFight you can step into a space of spectacular (in the literal sense) propulsive energy—whether you see it as sheer violence or a more nuanced natural force”.

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