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Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira’s powerful recycled wood installations “Ursulinens Prolapse”
(OK Center, Linz-Austria | plywood, PVC, foam and pigments | 3,75 x 9,07 x 15,27m | 2012 )
Dan Cameron - “Although many installation artists today produce work that reaches far outside the established bounds of both painting and sculpture, the work of young Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira seems to be almost without peer.
Despite such comparisons, no other artist working today seems in possession of quite the same ease and fluidity at transforming the boundaries of the one medium into the other, not least of all as this ease is manifested in the new untitled `brushstroke` piece he has produced for the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.
To a degree, this work crystallizes a long-term struggle within Oliveira`s art to transform three-dimensional museum space into a dynamically charged zone of free-flowing energy that the viewer experiences as bearing no edges, no beginning or end, and no measurable shape or contours.”

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