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THE DAILY DOODLES  “The Long Journey Across the Galaxy”

After hearing the hiss and click of the last hibernation tank as it pressurizes and seals in his shipmates, Harrison Daniels quietly lifts his lid and makes sure everyone is frozen in their pod…

In 31 years when they finally reach the asteroid belt they’ll wake up, but for now the coast is clear.  He has the room to himself.

As there’s no oxygen being pumped into this part of the ship (since everyone is meant to be in their tank, frozen for the journey), Harrison quickly grabs a spare oxygen mask and climbs up onto the round windowsill overlooking the galaxy.

He’s not sure why he snuck out of his tank, but as he watches the distant field of stars stream by as the mining ship rockets along at lightspeed, he’s glad he did.

His mind struggles to comprehend the enormous scope of the galaxy stretched out before him, and while he feels a deep connection to it all, it also leaves him feeling totally insignificant.  His problems, his worries… they couldn’t matter.

Thinking back, Harrison realizes he’s never actually been alone his entire life.  Family, spouses, friends… and in 31 years when they reach the belt, he’ll never have a moment to himself.  All he has is this, right now.

He tells himself that he has to do this again, somehow… for longer than just a few hours.  It’s nice.

But, he has responsibilities still, and everyone will notice if they arrive at the asteroid belt and he’s the only one who has aged the 31 years (not to mention, he has no food— the hibernation tank is meant to nourish him as as they travel).

Taking one last long look out the window, Harrison gets back into his tank, and goes to sleep.

Originally Posted 10/10/2012

(A very special thanks to Kyle Harter for giffing this for me!)

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