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Line Segments Space

Installation by Kimchi and Chips features a polygon web of nylon strips, projected on to great effect - video embedded below:

An architectural web of threads subtends a null space. It hangs abstract and undefined, a set of thin positive elements segmenting the dark negative space between. Dynamic imaginary forms are articulated into the physical volume by the material of this thread, and the semi-material of the light. The visual gravity of the filaments occupying the space between.

A 2D canvas is reduced from a surface piece into a line segment, but then constructed into another dimension, a volume. Light creates contrast and order on the lines to articulate digital matter. Digital forms inhabit the interconnected boundaries of space, moulding visual mass,

The artists reference Picasso’s light painting, and Reticuláreas of Gego who’s work offers a contemplation of the material and immaterial, time and space, origin and encounter and art and technology.

You can find out more at Kimchi and Chips’ website here

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'TURN OFF THE LIGHT' Light-painting performance

Inspired by Arabic calligraphy, rap lyrics and poetry, Julien Breton, under the moniker Kaalam, is creating calligraphic work that is radiant, elegant and completely breathtaking. Teaser of the light-painting’s performance “Turn off the light” introducing the future show in 2013.


Photo by Frank Herrmannflickr

Photo by Joerg Schickedanz

Photo by Thomas Dämmrich 

Photo by Thomas Dämmrich

Photo by Frank Herrmann flickr

Photo by Frank Herrmannflickr 

FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS - For 12 nights straight, projections and lights colorfully illuminate famous landmarks of Germany’s. Lighting up more than 70 famous landmarks and spaces, including Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Cathedral and the radio tower. For the first time, the landmark Europa-Center, as well as Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in the west of the city will be illuminated.

The annual festival was created in 2005 by Berliner Birgit Zander.

Solar Specturm art installation by Peter Erskine - Italy | “New Light on Rome 2000

Trajan’s Markets Aula and Hemicycle, House of the Knights of Rhodes, Porta di San Sebastiano, Criptoportico of Nero - stone witnesses to a bygone culture in Rome that today needs to be preserved and protected. At the dawn of the new millenium, these two thousand year old buildings are becoming a stage and a backdrop for a Solar Specturm art installation by Peter Erskine.

Preservation Is Life by Bryan McCormack

2011 | Preservation is life - Les sons de ma vie

(Location : CENTRE POMPIDOU, over the six floors of the museum, PARIS FRANCE)

A selection of images taken from the installation

Starting at the facade of Paris’ Center Pompidou and continuing up the six-floor escalator, Bryan McCormack’s installation creates a monumental tunnel of colored light bulbs for a mesmerizing effect. The hue changes on every floor to create a dynamic rainbow of cylindrical bulbs, which are covered in glass-like plastic condoms.

revoltage light bulb installation by raqs media collective

'revoltage' sculpture by raqs media collective, on exhibition at art unlimited at art basel 2012

James Turrell “The Light Inside”  

(Järna, Sweden is opens from May 25th to September 30th, 2012)

more: jamesturrell

Light Painting by IBRoomba

Part of a “Roomba Art" picture series produced by Tobias Baumgartner, Marcus Brandenburger, Tom Kamphans, Alexander Kroeller, and Christiane Schmidt of the IBR Algorithm Group and Braunschweig University of Technology.

American Light Artist James Turrell - Pool | Installation

James Turrell, one of the nation’s great artists, creates installations that combine art and science and are at once both secular and spiritual. Building on his studies of psychology and mathematics, and his experiences as a pilot, Turrell’s works are explorations in light and space that speak to viewers without words, impacting the eye, body, and mind with the force of a spiritual awakening.

James Turrell [Interview]

[Photo Via Giffen Clark Ott]

Photographer Lee Jung  "my heart is yours"

Olafur Eliasson ‘Beauty’ (1993)

"hope and dream" light sculpture Makoto Tojiki



by Chezweitz & Roseapple, Stefan Hurtig & kubix

A room-turned-artistic lighting installation in Freiburg, Germany, combines video, paint and luminescent effects to conjure questions about the future, bend gravity and showcase technology.

The 3D tunnels made from red fluorescent beams envelope visitors in a visual experience, intended to ignite an excitement for technology.

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