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I have never written a review before but I would like to say Bravo to the author of these works, they are amazing. I have seen a lot of things in my life, but… In a word, I think these works EGGCUBISM, are a little funny and interesting as well and I can say that this is an attempt from the artist to create a novel way of perceiving perspective. 

Netherlands, Rotterdam-based Artist Enno De Kroon - As a painter I consider egg cartons as two-and-a-half dimensional objects which offer me remarkable possibilities for imagery. The waves of the egg cartons limit the viewer’s perception; they also make him aware of his positioning towards the image. The intentional limitation in subjective perception gives room for imagination and recall: the process of occlusion. By a fusion of direct and indirect perception conventional imagery is overtaken. At first sight this leads to a physical and mental incompleteness, that forces an integration which can only take place within the inner experience, apart from time and space. (compare the ‘head of Janus’, that looks at the present and the future congruently.)
Artist Enno De Kroon on saatchionline flickr


Italian Artist Franco Recchia uses old computer parts to create his unique tech junk cities – mixed media sculptures that replicate famous metropolises. Taking apart old computers, he breathes new life into their component parts by reusing them to build ingenious skylines. 

  • Manhattan
  • Manhattan 2
  • Beijing District
  • Detroit


Gerard Stricher was born in 1948 to a family of artists in Sarrebourg, France. As a child he was already dreaming of becoming a painter and drew prodigiously. Self-taught, he immersed in the café society of painters, attended gallery openings , and was encouraged by sales but ultimately decided to enter industry. He became a highly regarded international manager whose carcer and travels led him become a ”World Citizen ”. Widening his horizon, observing new people, different landscapes, and other realities, which gradually became stratified in his unconscious to reappear later in his painting. He acquired and old mill in the French Vexin, established his studio where he worked feverishly.

Gerard Stricher solo show in Houston, TX | Laura Rathe Gallery starting the 20th October untill the 20th November

  1. La Chambre des songes" (Mixed medias on paper /61x46 cm / 2012)
  2. My Garden" (Mixed ledias on paper / 39x30 cm / 2012)
  3. Le Mauvais Génie" (Mixed medias on paper / 64x46 cm / 2012)
  4. Ô Méditerrannée" (Mixed medias on paper / 61x46 cm / 2012)
  5. Neptune on his Way…" (Mixed medias on paper / 46x61 cm / 2012)

“The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.” - Leonardo da Vinci 

Thank you very much Stricher Gerard!

Ascension II Ascension III Memories of Life on Earth

Artist Tina Tsang  ’Ascension II | Ascension III | Memories of Life on Earth’


(12 JULY - 15 AUGUST 2012)

Mead Carney GalleryMead Carney is delighted to announce the first exhibition of sculptural works by internationally acclaimed ceramic artist Tina Tsang. In her first major solo show, Psychopomp, Tsang’s new body of work reflects her struggle for spiritual enlightenment in the contemporary culture of London as inspired by trans-meditation experiences and cross-cultural religious beliefs.

Artist Yoakim Bélanger - (mixed media on metal)

Yoakim Bélanger was trained in graphic design at the University of Québec in Montréal. He then ascertained a great deal of experience in photography and multimedia, all of which have paved the path for his artistic endeavour. The creative skills and knowledge that he has gained from his past experience are quiet integral to his aesthetic process. However, the use of an oxidized steel, marked by history and time acts as the backbone of his art. Consequently, the work of art will come to life long before his paint brush meets the cold metal surface. From this point, it will only be a matter of time before the acrylic paints and inks are diluted and worked onto steel to reveal his artistic vision.

Artist Maureen Gubia (mixed media on paper)


Check out this great piece of art on Saatchi Online. FBLE :: Dreams by Mira Alibek

Artist Franco DeFrancesca

  • Serotonin Bypass | mixed media and resin on panel, 48x48
  • Serotonin Broadband | Mixed Media and Resin on Panel, 60x60
Hold Still Your Tomorrow The Greatest We Won That Battle

Artist Henrietta Harris

  • Hold Still | Mixed Media, 2012
  • Your Tomorrow | Watercolour and Gouache, 2012
  • The Greatest | Mixed Media, 2012
  • We Won That Battle | Watercolour and Gouache, 2012

Artist Jimmy Baker

Jimmy Baker (b. Dover, OH, 1980) is an artist who lives and works in Cincinnati, OH. He works across a range of media, including painting, sculpture, photography and installation.

[Via wikipedia booooooom]


Artist Andrew Campbell

INSTALLATION: 07/09/08/05

Artist  Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo - drawings

Artist Anthony Sonnenberg - The Apotheosis (whole)

Taxidermy bobcat, porcelain, gold luster, gold leaf, fresh water pearls, glass, found objects, mix media. 5’ x 6’ x3’

(via whereart)

Artist Daniele Buetti - Auf Allen Knien

Helmhaus, Zurich, Switzerland.  (installation views / mixed media)

Disperssion paint, peat, and water on wall, flickering light bulbs, sound (Blue moon, markedly slow)

koolpop #26 purple koolpop #30 purple corner

Artist Carrie Yamaoka

(flexible urethane resin and mixed media)

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