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SKY - Photographer Johann Ryno de Wet | via: SKY - Photographer Johann Ryno de Wet | via: SKY - Photographer Johann Ryno de Wet | via: SKY - Photographer Johann Ryno de Wet | via: SKY - Photographer Johann Ryno de Wet | via:


Johannesburg, South Africa-based Photographer Johann Ryno de Wet


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Purple Skies | PHOTOGRAPHER THOMAS HAWK | Source: Living the Dream | PHOTOGRAPHER THOMAS HAWK | Source: Festival of Colors, Spanish Fork, UT | PHOTOGRAPHER THOMAS HAWK | Source: Double Duty | PHOTOGRAPHER THOMAS HAWK | Source:


Thomas Hawk - Sometimes I like to think of myself as a photography factory. I see my photographs mostly as raw material for projects that might be worked on at some point later on in life.

The absurdity of my obsessive compulsive view on photography is not lost on me. But it is the absurdity of life that I find most beautiful of all. Where Sisyphus had his stone I have my camera and a bag full of lenses.

Document, explore, lather, rinse, repeat. Photography for me then becomes a kind of hyperactivity, loosely arranged and presented. My work is less about individual images and instead more about the power of a massive amount of excessive and disjointed images where stories, characters and places sometimes stay and other times reappear or disappear entirely for no good reason at all.

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Photographer  MENNO ADEN - Tubes

Photographer Wendy Sacks

Greer Versteeg aka zseike

"Look at this. This makes my heart beat faster. 
I have taken this picture so many times in my mind - but in reality,
I never had the guts to take it. Come on. It’s cold in the snow.
If I had tried, it would never have been as magic as this.
Look at this! 
I’m gushing.”

Photographer Greer Versteeg aka zseike


Goodnight, another bad morning (by Tamar Burduli)

Tor Dahlin - pluto is not a planet anymore

Creative Consultant | Photographer Juan Pablo Gaviria - Water Sculptures

(An insight into water dynamics)

Photographer Jeremy O’Sullivan

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Nostalgic Coney Island Summer Photographs

Modern Vintage Photography by Minagraphy

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Photographer Stan Douglas "Flame"

(1947, 2010. Digital silver print mounted on Dibond aluminum)

Photography by Gabriel Wickbold - Sexxfashion

Photographs by Michael Rougier - 1970s [LIFE Magazine]

In the 1970′s, actress and model Tippi Hedren (mother of actress Melanie Griffith) created the Shambala Preserve after producing the film Roar. The preserve rescued exotic big cats living in captivity that had been abused or were in need of help, one of which the family created a close bond with. Neil the lion lived with the family in their home, and played an active role in the day to day activities of the preserve.

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