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Artist  Conrad Roset freelance illustrator from Barcelona, Spain. Currently working on a range of projects for advertisement agencies, design studios and editorials.

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Federico Lombardo - Coppia 15, Watercolor on arches paper, 34 x 28 cm

Artist Yaroslav Gerzhedovich

(ink on paper8 x 7,5 cm | 2012)

Artist Akira Beard - headpiece

Hold Still Your Tomorrow The Greatest We Won That Battle

Artist Henrietta Harris

  • Hold Still | Mixed Media, 2012
  • Your Tomorrow | Watercolour and Gouache, 2012
  • The Greatest | Mixed Media, 2012
  • We Won That Battle | Watercolour and Gouache, 2012

Artist Mihoko Ogaki

  • Star Tales - Kois | pencil, watercolors, gesso on wood panel / 2011 / 84 x 60 cm Price on request
  • Star Tale - Magic Lamp | Watercolour and pencil on wood / 2011 / 53 x 45,5 cm Price on request

Jacob van Loon: Progress IV

Artist Jake Gillespie

Artist Dong Li

Artist Mia Liu -Roll it Up!

Ink, Watercolor paper and plywood, H158 x W440 x 15 cm, 2009

 Paper art by artist Mia Liu - Can’t Stop Rolling it Up: Fisrt Movement

W425.2 x H70.9 x D4.7 inches (W1080 x H180 x D12 cm.)

Acylic on watercolor paper and Aluminum plate 2010

Collected by Fubon Financial Corporation

"The story of Can’t stop Rolling it Up! has started from a flat drawing. After being enlarged proportionally onto 144 full-sheet water color papers, the drawings are cut, curled, and then pieced together onto an aluminum board. Shades that appear underneath the curls also become part of the visual elements in the work. Simply by adjusting the viewing distance, the audience also shifts between macrocosmic or microcosmic views, experiencing the work in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional aspects".

Artist Vania Comoretti

Artist Wendy Artin - NUDES

  • Edoardo Reaching, 2005, watercolor on Rives BFK paper, 10” x 11”
  • Laura Arms Locked, 2004, watercolor on Rives BFK, 8” x 13”
  • Tamara Reveuse, 2009, watercolor on Rives BFK paper, 23 x 20 cm
  • Tamara Touching her Toes, 2002, watercolor on Rives BFK paper, 12” x 7”

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